Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute


Pharmacology and Toxicology Services

Drug Non-clinical Evaluation Center of Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute(The State key Laboratory Of Safety Evaluation on New Drug in Guangzhou ) is one of the key state GLP laboratories in China, and this key state is approved by the State Food and Drug Administrations (SFDA), and being upgraded to US FDA GLP standards. The key state offers a full-range of in vivo and in vitro non-clinical safety evaluation programs. As the uniqueness of each product requires a case-by-case approach, we partner with clients to ensure that all study components meet specific program objectives. The key state is staffed with outstanding scientists, well trained technicians and staffs. GPRI has established a strategic partnership with a US company, NovaGloble Pharmaceuticals ( to jointly provide Preclinical Drug Evaluation Services to US, Canada and EU biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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