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A Brief Introduction on Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute(GPRI,, established in 1972, is a leading pharmaceutical research and development institute in South China. GIPI is a fully integrated pharmaceutical R&D organization focused on the development of novel pharmaceutical products and technology.

Currently, GPRI consists of six departments, including Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Guangzhou Research Center of Controlled Release Dosage Forms, Department of Natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control department, Preclinical Drug Evaluation Center and Animal Colony. GPRI occupies a building with over 10,000 square meters as R&D labs and administrative office. There are 120 employees in GPRI, including scientists, engineers, staffs, and workers.

Since 1980’s, GPRI has successfully developed manufacturing processes for more than ten pharmaceutical bulk materials, including metoprolol, propafenone, amiodarone, tolperisone, 5-aminosalicylic acid, hymecromone, fexofenadine etc.. Most of them have been commercializaed in domestic markets. It also completed total synthesis of tetrahydropalmatine, a very effective analgesic, hypnotic alkaloid, in 1990’s. 

In 1990, we established Guangzhou Pharmaceutical R & D Center of Controlled Release Dosage Forms with supporting from Guangzhou Scientific Committee and China State Pharmaceutical Administration (now called as SFDA). Since that time, we have developed near twenty extended release formulations and obtained Approval Certificates of New Drugs from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Most of them have been licensed to domestic pharmaceutical companies, and some of them to the companies in Hong Kong. The main extended release products we have developed and marketed are as follows: SR fexofenadine and pseudoephedrine Cap., CR metoprolol, CR diltiazem, SR metformin, CR salbutamol, SR naproxen, SR ibuprofen, SR theopylline, and mesalazine enteric tablets and so on. Additionally, GPRI holds many Chinese Patents for formulation technologies and products.

Its “Preclinical Drug Evaluation Center” is one of the key GLP labs for drug safety evaluation in China, recognized and approved by SFDA. The center has performed and completed over hundred safety evaluation projects, including new chemical entities, pharmaceutical bulk materials and formulations. All research reports of the safety evaluation we prepared have been accepted by the Center for Drug Evaluation, SFDA. Our drug evaluation center also accepts contact research on pharmacology and pharmacodynamic studies.

We are feeding a variety of animals for experiments in the animal colony, covering an area of over 90,000 square meters, in the suburb of the Guangzhou city. Typically, the number of beagle dogs in stock is around 1,000 -2,000. Besides for our experimental use, we also provide some of the animals to other institutes, universities or pharmaceutical companies. There is National Seed Center of Beagle Dog and Guangdong Provincial Beagle Dog Idioplasmic Resource Center in the colony. Personal in the center are well trained and zoologists are engaged in the research of reproduction and standardization of dogs.

In summary, GPRI is one of the leading pharmaceutical R&D institute in China, and has developed over twenty drug products and completed forty important projects, as well as conducted many contract research projects since 1970’s. GIPI has been well recognized in pharmaceutical community and received more than twenty medals and honors granted by State Scientific Committee, State or Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology, and municipal governments.

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