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Corporate culture

Short-term goals: To be a public integrated pharmaceutical R&D service platform and a innovation base .

Long-term goals: To be a comprehensive pharmaceutical R&D service platform with independent innovation ablility  and a industrialization base.

Advertise logotype: Pharmaceutical R&D service expert

bossmanship: assiduous and self-improvement

Corporate Values: Responsibility, Professionalism, Innovation, Cooperation

Responsibility: for human health; for scientific development; for  partners.

Professionalism: The pursuit of science; Objective evaluation; Strict  work

Innovation: Innovation exists everywhere, innovation can creat value.

Cooperation: Common goal; Efficient cooperation; Professional services

Corporate image:

Brand image: responsibility, professional, normalization , healthy

Staff Image: votive, determination, healthy, diligence

Management Image: Innovative, efficient, pragmatic, people oriented

Operation Principle:

Technology-based ,supported by talent, taking innovation as the method , sustainable development as the goal. Provide professional services, innovative products and advanced technology to our customers.

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