Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute

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New Drug R & D Services


Since 1980’s, GPRI has successfully developed manufacturing processes for more than ten pharmaceutical bulk materials, including metoprolol, propafenone, amiodarone, tolperisone, 5-aminosalicylic acid, hymecromone, fexofenadine etc.. Most of them have been commercializaed in domestic markets. It also completed total synthesis of tetrahydropalmatine, a very effective analgesic, hypnotic alkaloid, in 1990’s.

GPRI has ability to extract active ingredients or active site from traditional Chinese medicine. We can provide various of Reference Substances of traditional Chinese medicine .We have broad experience of new traditional Chinese medicine development. We can provide new traditional Chinese medicine development services ,In addition, we can provide research services for traditional Chinese medicine quality standards and fingerprints .

Main Services

◎custom synthesis and technical transfer of new drug and generic drugs.
◎Custom pharmaceutical research
◎Custom synthesis of intermediates and its processing research
◎Quality and stability research for chemicals, traditional Chinese medicines and natural medicines.
◎Structure Analysis
◎Bioanalytical Services
◎Routine instrumental analysis of medicine and organic compounds
◎Chemical analysis
◎Quality research and quality standards improvement .Analysis methods research of chiral drug.
◎Analytical method research of residual solvents.
◎We provide laboratories  and instruments for long-term lease. We can also provide related technical guidance or training for instruments application.
◎Traditional Chinese medicine R&D services, including custom research, technical transfer , pilot scale test and industrial research .
◎fingerprints research of Chinese herbs and Chinese patent medicine.
◎Quality standards research of traditional Chinese medicine: We provide technology upgrade and related services for quality control of products.
◎Reference Substances Preparation of traditional Chinese medicine
◎Personalized service: We could provide technical consultation for tradicional Chinese medicine products. In response to client demand, we could provide custom services for extraction of active ingredients or active site .