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Standard Laboratory Animal


The Center of Experimental Animals and Beagle Dog Colony was set up in 1983, and located in a beautiful small island near the suburb of Guangzhou. Through many upgrades in 27 years,it becomes a standardized Beagle dog colony. Besides our own experimental use, we also supply standard animals to other institutions in China.

Beagle dog R&D Center

We are currently upgrading our GLP labs animal colony according to international GLP standard. The reformed colony will breed and sell standard beagle dogs, monkeys, small pigs and other animals for experimental purposes and the labs will accept more contract researches on safety evaluation of entities. At present, the colony possesses doghouses with 5,700 square meters and 500 key breeding stocks, and can provide over 2,000 experimental dogs for the market a year. After expansion, the colony will increase to 100,000 square meters and the annual flow of dogs will increase to 8,000. We are working toward obtaining an AAALAC accreditation for the standard animals.

Beagle dog  rooms

Main Services

providing standard experimental Beagle dogs, Working dogs for entry and exit quarantine of animals and plants, expansive pellet feed for beagle dogs. At present, the scientists in the lab are engaged in researches are concerning with the development of transgenic pathological model with beagle dogs for the research of some human disease, Beagle dog cell line and stem cell line, Beagle dog gene series products, and so on. In general, the services we can provide are as follows:

Offering Beagle dog raise, reproduction, administration and quality-monitoring technology;

Contract Research on Beagle dog cell line and stem cell line;

Contract Research on Beagle dog gene and relative technology;

Technical service or training of safety evaluation on new entities, using Beagle dog, monkeys, small pigs and other animals as experimental animals.