Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute

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Management Team

GPRI has build up a technical team with high comprehensive quality, reasonable structure, competitive, high operational efficiency and good professional spirit. 85% of employees are professional and technical personnel, of which 60% have senior professional titles, consist of 10 Ph.D.、20 M.S.and other talent who are professionals in medicine, pharmacy, synthesis, analysis , formulation, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, veterinary, laboratory animals and animal management ,etc. We have ability to  provide pharmaceutical "one-stop" technical service and research on the innovated medicines.

Jun Ying
EMBA, Director of GPRI;  Vice chairman of Chinese Pharmaceutical R& D Promotion Association; Vice Council Chairman of Chinese Pharmaceutical Technology Market Association;  over 15 years’experience in pharmaceutical R&D and management

KaiTai Yao
With 40 years experience in drugs pharmacology research

Huankui Wang
New drug evaluation experts of state ,former chief engineer of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, former director of GIPI, with 30 years experience.of drug development, and management

Guojun Hui
 New drug evaluation experts of state ,former director of GIPI, with 30 years experience.of drug development, and management

Ling Li
vice director
formerly served as constellation Pharmaceutical Co., vice president of sales positions, with 20 years experience of sales management

QingChun Ni
vice director;Master,
technical director,manager of technology centers; with nearly 20 years of experience in drug development and management