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Hovenia acerba Lindl Tablet(Wanshou fruit Tablet)



Wanshou fruit Tablet is a kind of natural health food ,it is made from the extract of the Wanshou fruit,using the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SFE-CO2) technique.

According to <> , Hovenia acerba Lindl has the function of "relieving thirst and restless, nourishing internal organs and diuresis”.It is regarded as a health food which can cure drunkenness, restless, thirst, vomiting, difficulty in urination and defecation, alcoholism. It is a necessary health food for social activities and health care .


Any drinking occasion such as business activities, holidays activities, wedding, and any entertainment places like Wine Bar and Karaoke, etc.

【application crowd】

Any person who has to drink more in any social activities or any entertainment places.


Hovenia acerba Lindl fruit , sugar, maltitol, magnesium stearate, starch.

Dosage forms and strengts

6 bags / box, 4 tablets/ bag

【Dosage and Administration】

It is a health food without any side effects, and it has no strict restriction for dosage .The recommended dosage is 4 tablets every time.